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**IMPORTANT** I've changed all the prices of the packages and dropped them to the lowest they'll ever go. I'm pissed off at sports books for capping bets and being slimey with the way they've been handling bets and payouts lately. Not even with just myself, but the whole gambling/investing community. So let's make them pay! 


Parlay Punisher specializes in low-risk, high reward parlay bets that turn lunch money into mortgage money! Instead of needing $250(plus) a day just to stay above water with other cappers, not to mention the cost of the sports packages, my plays allow you to make more, while betting less! Check out @ParlayPunisher on twitter to see my huge parlay wins and crazy single game bets. (Just in the last 10 days!) I wanted to prove I can win on a consistent basis with all sports and not just get lucky once in a while. I showed a few wins (not all) from guys last year who still had some images, but last years picks and games don't matter. I'm primed to win more than ever with fans back in buildings! 


Twenty-to-one odds and even higher come through regularly. 2 wins and 18 losses literally doubles your money with those odds. I also offer single game bets as well , but I also try and structure bets to make you hundreds/thousands on odds that turn $10 into $100 or even a $1000+! Why bet spreads straight up only to lose on things that were beyond your control in the first place? I truthfully feel the plays in the parlays are strong enough to be seperated and played as their own single bets for those of you who prefer that route. But individual single plays will be released and played the same as a parlay using  1*(Unit) or (1% of your bank roll) per bet. Win more while betting less with the Parlay Punisher! Bringing the excitement of sports betting back into your life with $10 bets! Never go broke or run out of money while following my intricate, but easy system that keeps you in the action every day! Even the parlays we lose often times leave massive hedge/cash out options that keep you in the money! My parlay bets done the right way with knowledge and not greed, will have you wishing you found me sooner!

$50 is all it will cost you to have the opportunity to make not only a ton of cash, but a friend in the sports investing world. Why pay for a friend you ask? Why not pay for somebody that will go to work for your you and your money and help you build a bank roll. Understand I will share secrets and tips that will help you avoid unnecessary losses that crush your bank roll and keep you in the red. Those losses that leave you wondering what just happened can be a thing of the past. I can teach you what to look for in NFL/NBA lines and movements and how to capitalize on mistakes made by Vegas when they try and trick the public and we catch them snoozing. And trust me if you've ever seen a college basketball schedule alone on a Saturday you know theres a lot of games they can make a mistake on. I'll find those games for us across all sports! Please also understand that the more people who know what to look for and avoid will change the lines. We want the public to bet heavy on losing favorites so we can take the underdogs at better prices and lines. Plus funny things seem to happen when a ton of people are on the same large payout parlays or even when large single games are bet. So giving the games and information away completely free is quite foolish. You'll see what I mean as you start losing games and/or parlays in some suspicious ways. For example when a player gets "hurt" on a questionable play in the 4thQ with 6 minutes left and 15 people need him to have 6 more yards for $40K each on the same sports book. It makes you truly wonder. I can promise you some thrilling wins with nights where you can't sleep because you're so jacked up from a big win. And some heartbreaking losses that almost turn $10 into $10.000!! But I promise I'll have you excited about what we have in store in the sports investing world every day. You'll wake up and be confident about the plays you'll be making knowing any night could be truly life changing. Whether you buy a week or the entire year all you'll need is $10 every day and you'll have the chance to hit for 5x, 10x, 100x and even 1000x whatever you invest. You'll have daily access to me and be emailed the plays as soon as their ready to be released. Take your lunch to work with you and leave your lunch money with me!

It's us against the sports books now! Let's flip the odds on house and chip away every week and continue to build the right way!


The price of the package may seem high at first, but it's actually extremely profitable for even a single buyer betting $5 a parlay. Stick to the system! I would honesly recommend finding some friends who like to gamble and see if they'd go in with you and get the price down. The price is actually extremely low, especially split amonst 5 friends as previously stated. I don't give you computer generated plays like other cappers will 95% of the time. In fact, it's damn near impossible. You're paying for my time, not the picks. You can generate CPU plays on your own, thats nothing to pay for! You're paying for the 4 hours+ I spend daily looking for the absolute best games. You think I just guess on 20-1 plays and continue to get lucky? This is 100% pure skill and knowledge! The plays will be winning anyways so take your time and decide! Just hope I don't have a 20K weekend while you sleep on it! Also, one more important reminder. Don't forget and I can't stress this enough, after you get a big paraly win with me that money will most likely last you as long as you stay the course of the system. If you make $1000 on a $10 bet that means I have to lose 100 bets in a row at $10 a pop for you to pay for those bets out of pocket! The odds are astromical that in 100 plays I won't have you cashing out or hedging even more! I want you betting house money, not your own. Start winning today!

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