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      I've been doing this 30+ plus years and all I've ever heard about parlays is that they're sucker bets! Maybe if a sucker is making the bets, but not if somebody with sports knowledge and confidence is altering spreads and taking moneylines together to compound high quality plays into massive, one bet parlays with sometimes insane odds. The key is to never get greedy and add games you don't love. I've been around gambling in every aspect and facet you could imagine since I was a teenager and I've always found a way to make extra money. Consistency, skill, knowledge, hard work, patience, confidence and experience are all key factors in winning at anything. My repitoure is always expanding and one thing I take pride in is never putting your money on the line unless I truly believe its a winner. Obviously they can't all be winners, but they'll at least always feel that way pre bet in both my head and my gut! I will most likely release something every day, but sometimes on slow days if I don't love anything I'll save your money until the next day. I'm not in the business of losing and you'll see how $10 can make a big difference. Other cappers just sell you whatever nonsense they "like" and get your money that day and I just won't do it. I recommend starting with at least $1000 as a bank roll and placing $10 on everything I release until you get to $2000. Once you've reached that mark the bets increase to $20! Once you reach the $3000 level.... well, you understand. Don't reach and don't extend yourself! Stick to the system and give the parlays time to run their courses! Sometimes we'll get unlucky and lose some tight games/parlays, but there will be days/weekends where massive amounts of money are on the line. The system itself isn't built to have a crazy winning record. It's just built to make you money! If you bet twenty of my parlays at 10-1 odds each (hypothetically) and at $10 a play and we win 3 and lose 17 you'll be up $100. I recommend using for my specific system for simple reasons such as parlay bonuses and early payouts that they offer as well as in-play cash-outs and adjustable cash-out options. I've also cashed out high 4 figure sums multiple times a year for the past few years and have always been direct deposited within 2-3 days and have never had a problem. Other sites are better for certain things, but I suggest 365 for this specific style of betting. They offer a 100% bonus on deposits for new members up to $200 and every week depending on how much you've wagered they'll give you at least a free $10 play on anything you want plus special game offers! Betway has proven to have some nice prop plays that have a ton of potential for returns and I've been taking advantage of those early in the year! Most sites will allow you to parlay and if you have a trusted site thats your personal prefernce. As long as you can play the bet exactly the way it's released and it's a trusted gambling site you use regularly and have taken money out of before! Preferably large sums ($3000+) so you know they'll payout when we win big!!

IMPORTANT** The only thing you'll have to decide on your own is how you want to cash-out or hedge your bets. For example: I release a 10 game NFL parlay that has 10 spreads on the bet with a potential pay-out of $8500 and a parlay bonus (Bet365) of $2500. Your potential winnings are now 11K! If we've won 8 of 10 games we've put ourselves in position to guarantee a massive profit. Cashing out will ruin the parlay bonus so usually the best play is to hedge the other two games. A hedge bet is placed to counter balance what we already have won. Without a hedge bet if one of the last 2 games loses on the parlay, we lose everything! So the smart thing is to try and put yourself in a spot to win half your potential winnings at least. In this hypothetical scenerio all the odds are roughly -110 (standard spread line). I will, if I can, make the last bet of a parlay at a different time with odds that make it easier to make profits if a hedge bet is needed. For example: Instead of taking the Rams -7.5 on Sunday Night Football I'll make it a moneyline (Just to win) and if a hedge is needed, we take the Bears moneyline at +300 (3-1 odds). So we'd then put 1K on the Bears just to win, hoping it loses, because we want to profit 10K and not 4K after a Bears dog win. But the reality is we want to cover our asses and always turn a profit especially in those situations. Email me 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always here to help or talk you through any situations! 


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